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Movement against Intolerance is a humanistic and caring organization, independent of any government, religious creed, trade union, or political party. A plural and participative organization that works against intolerance, racism, and violence; in essence, a commitment to Solidarity, Democracy, Tolerance, and Human Rights.

More than 100,000 people, many of them young adults, participate every year in school activities and social programs by Movement against Intolerance to benefit togetherness and intercultural integration in society. Since its creation, it has assisted victims of criminal intolerance and denounced xenophobic offences by hate groups.

Action by Movement against Intolerance counts on support from democratic institutions and recognition from citizens, placing it under the command of the United Nations and Council of Europe in the fight against racism and all related forms of intolerance.

Our Activities:

1. Sensitivity training for schools, youths, and citizens: Work days, Workshops, Fairs, Conferences, and Seminars in schools and universities and social and community centers, which promote a culture of tolerance and solidarity with participation from ethnic and cultural minorities.

2. Office of Solidarity with Victims:
Site of attention and support for people and relatives who are assaulted, attacked, or victimized by cruelty with any form of intolerance, be it racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, fanatical, totalitarian, extremist, etc. An Office offers judicial and caring attention, which promotes the participation of the victims and includes a Phone Number for Victims: 902 18 09 95.

3. Raxen Report:
Every quarter, the organization compiles documents on incidents of discrimination, aggressions and violence, conflict areas, monitored groups, publications, racists and neo-Nazis, and xenophobic demonstrations in the fields of culture, sports, and society, school centers, the Internet, music, or any area in which intolerance and racism are present.

4. Office of Reports:
Collection of situations and manifestations that provoke discrimination, hate, or violence through racist motives or other expressions of intolerance, produced over the Internet or any other means of circulation.

5. Volunteers against Intolerance:
Promotion of voluntary intervention in all areas in which Intolerance is manifested: racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, discrimination, homophobia, violence…

6. Associative networks and international cooperation: Participation from and construction of networks between sectorial and international associations that promote mutual support and collective intervention against intolerance and racism.

7. Internet portal:
At one can find all manner of information, news, documents, and related materials on the fight against intolerance and the defense of Human Rights.

8. Analytic Notebooks:
Thematic publications on human rights, international legislation, conventions, and periodically published analyses that allow readers to follow, observe, and study the evolution of various expressions of intolerance.

9. Instructional books and materials:
Collection of books and materials aimed at professors, students, youths, and anyone with socio-cultural interests on subjects of intolerance.

10. Radio and audio-visual programs:
Radio and video productions of formational courses and the elaboration and circulation of programs on the prevention of violence, racism, and intolerance, with participation from immigrants, refugees, and ethnic minorities.

11. Intercultural Classroom:
A meeting place designed for training, study, and debate on social intercultural intervention that provides volunteers, instructors and other educators with the analytical tools for taking effective action.

12. Citizenship campaigns and public acts:
Initiatives in mobilization and intervention for promoting sensitivity and democratic civic action in response to violence, racism, terrorism, and other forms of intolerance.

13. Musical network and civic reunion:

Promotion of activities in the fields of music, festival planning, movies, campaigns, groups, performances, parties, and intercultural meetings with immigrants, ethnic minorities, and young people in general that support a democratic, intercultural society.

14. Integration in sports:
promotion of campaigns and activities for sensitivity building such as “Red card for violence and racism in sports,” “Hold out your hand,” and “23x3 for Tolerance” to drive social togetherness through sports.

15. A por Más (For More):
A magazine of current events and interviews, including opinion pieces and analyses on the diverse areas that impact the fight against intolerance.


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